Courageous Custody

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Episode 1

Your Lawyer is not Your Savior

30 minutes

Many protective parents spend time and energy hiring a lawyer with the goal of keeping their children safe. But they then put their case in their lawyer's hands and the constant stress of failed court appearances continues a downward spiral. Listen in to learn tools and action steps so this isn't your story.

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Episode 2

The Stonewalling Co-Parent

40 minutes

You plan out what to write to your combative co-parent, being careful to be brief, factual, even friendly. You get crickets in return, and the request for your child you put out there is on hold while you wait. Learn how to self-regulate so you don't make the wrong move in an attempt to take your child's life off of standstill.

Episode 3

The Narcissist in the Courtroom

30 minutes

Narcissistic abusers are excellent with impression management. In this episode, we talk about how to handle the emotions that rise up within you while being in the same room and a high-stakes situation with your charming ex, and what strategies to use to try to get the court to see through your co-parent's facade.

Episode 4

Ways to Become the Ideal Client

30 minutes

If a protective parent doesn’t know how to show up in a way that will allow the court to not just hear their story but understand it, it can very much stand in the way of a parent’s success in their custody case. Listen in to learn about the ways in which clients unknowingly get in their own way when it comes to their court battle.

Episode 5

The Right Moments to Be Brave!

20 minutes

Custody hearings. Settlement conferences. Meetings with court professionals. There are moments where you do want to say NO. You do want to say, "I don't agree" or "I'm not willing to do that." And they are usually the big moments, the pivotal moments, in your case. Listen in to learn when it's strategically wise to say No, and when to watch and wait or take other action...and what's behind the choice to cave against your own instinct.

Episode 6

How to Create Strong Parenting Agreements & Proposals with a Narcissist

30 minutes

Join our discussion here to hit upon what to keep in mind when creating your parenting plan, and how to deal with the often-unexpected triggers of simply creating the ideal plan for parenting your children...when there's a controlling, abusive narcissist involved.⁠ ⁠

Episode 7

The Best Way to Approach Mediation with a Narcissist

30 minutes

Mediation is supposed to be an opportunity to come together and create an agreement. But with a narcissist, the main goal is to say No to everything you suggest.

Join our discussion to learn how to create an action plan to increase your chances of achieving success in mediation.

Episode 8

What to Do When Your Narcissistic Co-Parent Won't Move Out During the Divorce

40 minutes

If it's bad enough that you know it's over, what's worse is when it's over but they won't leave. Join our discussion as we talk about the problems that come up and best ways to deal with an abusive co-parent who refuses to leave and creates a new level of terror in the home.

Episode 9

How to Know What You Don’t Know at the Start of Your Custody Case

20 minutes

In this episode, we delve into a crucial aspect of custody battles: how protective parents can navigate the complexities of their cases with clarity. We explore strategies for understanding blind spots and uncovering crucial information that can influence the outcome of custody disputes. Join us as we discuss practical tips and insights to empower protective parents in advocating for their children's best interests.

Your Hosts

Courageous Custody is a collaboration between two fearless moms and coaches. Our goal is to reach protective parents to take away hopelessness, and to instead give hope and empowerment, through tools and strategy. We share stories and have conversations designed to get your own strategic juices that you can strengthen your family court case to get the outcome that's best for your children. Bonus: you get to be an amazing survivor too. 

Meet The Custody Blueprint® experts below!

Reneé Rodriguez

Certified DV Advocate, Custody Strategist

The founder of Best Foot Forward Consulting, Reneé is driven by her own past and personal experience with domestic abuse, and takes pride in providing the best strategy possible for her clients’ cases. As the creator of The Custody Blueprint®, her goals include helping protective parents who are in a custody dispute with a high-conflict co-parent to get the custody arrangement that is best for their children, through assessing potential strategies for their case, designing their presentation of their evidence, and preparing them for how they should appear to the court and court professionals throughout their court case.

Achara Tarfa

IFS & Trauma Recovery Coach

With over 25 years of experience in leadership, mentorship and communication disorders, Achara uses compassionate coaching for complex trauma to support survivors of sexual abuse, cultural trauma, racial trauma, religious trauma, narcissistic abuse, domestic violence, and high-conflict divorce. As a sexual abuse, domestic violence, and narcissistic abuse trauma survivor herself, using her education, unique skills of courage and resilience, and lived experience, she is able to provide safe spaces for her clients to be seen and heard in order to develop secure attachments within themselves and in relationships.