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Preparing for Mediation or Settlement Conference

Get ready for your mediation or settlement conference with a high-conflict co-parent! Our course features The Custody Blueprint® settlement proposal template to streamline your preparation process and ensure you're equipped for success.

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Preparing Against Allegations

Facing a custody battle with a high-conflict co-parent? Our course is your shield in the fight for your children's future. Enroll now and step into the courtroom with confidence!

Creating a Parenting Plan with a Narcissist

Navigating family court with a narcissistic co-parent is undeniably challenging. Achieving agreement on any matter feels like an uphill battle. Our proposal aims to alleviate the chaos and seal the gaps, offering a strategic roadmap towards resolution.

Preparing for a Deposition Against a Narcissistic Co-Parent

Learning you are going to be deposed can make your anxiety go through the roof, especially when your co-parent is high-conflict. Get clarity on what's expected and how to handle a deposition so you don't give away evidence.

Managing Relationships with Court Professionals

In family court, your interactions with legal authorities can significantly impact your case's outcome. Learn how to navigate these relationships effectively, ensuring your voice is heard and your rights are protected. Gain invaluable insights and practical strategies to handle court professionals with confidence and poise.

Communicating with a Narcissist

A simple text can be a parent's downfall in their custody case. With The Custody Blueprint, you'll learn how to communicate effectively, minimize conflict, and present yourself positively in court. Discover proven strategies and tools to communicate in a way that safeguards your position and prevents misinterpretation.