Templates for your custody case.

Organize your evidence and show the court what they need to see to understand what's truly best for the kids.

The Templates

Visitation Log

Keep track of parenting time issues and quickly identify patterns of behavior and crucial issues.


Timeline of Disturbing Behavior

Show your concerns about your co-parent in a chronological table, focusing on egregious issues.


Evidence Grid

Keep track of all your physical evidence by category and share with your lawyer so you can strategize in your custody case.


Phone Log

Document all the phone and video calls between your co-parent and the kids, including areas of concern.


Sample Email Responses

Get control of contentious email exchanges and keep from creating evidence against yourself.


Infant/Baby Daily Logs

Record your baby's daily feedings, sleep, moods, and more to share with your co-parent.


Email to GAL

Send the most efficient emails possible to your child's attorney.


Negotiating Preferences for Your Lawyer

Ensure your attorney is completely clear on where you stand when they are negotiating at settlement.


Mock Interview Questions

Get a leg up on preparation for a custody evaluation with this practice and prep sheet and instructions.


Parenting Plan Agreement for a Narcissist

Designed specifically to deal with a narcissist's manipulations and reinterpretations, this detailed, full-bodied agreement template gives you language and ideas for what you might include in YOUR final parenting agreement. The form contains several options and suggestions for you to select from in creating your final, multi-paged agreement.


Full Set of Logs for Family Court

Get complete control of the organization of your case with the:

  • Visitation Log
  • Call Log
  • Homework Log
  • Court Log
  • Court Professional Meeting Sheet
  • Law Enforcement Log
  • Legal Letters Log
  • Protection Order Log


Weekly Update to Your Lawyer

Improve your relationship with your lawyer and help them start to visualize a strategy with this weekly update template.



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