The Custody Warriors Blueprint. Get the digital materials at a price you can afford.

Digital Products Only

$750 (plus tax)

Program access information sent after confirmation of payment in full.

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What You Get:

  • Full access to all 8 modules, immediate access upon purchase.
  • Price is for digital lessons and downloads only; no coaching or community access are included.

This is your chance to get the Blueprint.

You and I had a great conversation and I learned a lot about your case.

But I realize that the program with all its fixings comes at a premium price.

So for the first time, I am offering the Blueprint Program materials as a package.

Keep in mind you will not have access to me or the community support--but you will have the Blueprint.

You will have instant access to the video lessons and discussions, the downloads which include worksheets, templates for court, quick sheets, audio files and more. This is the stuff that gets moms the custody arrangement they want, comfort for their kids, and peace for themselves.

If you know you want the Blueprint, you feel like you're resourceful and teachable, but you are unable to swing the full program price, this is your solution. The lessons and templates alone will be worth gold--to both you and your lawyer when s/he sees the change in you.

Keep up hope. You've got this!

- Reneé Rodriguez

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