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Custody Warriors Blueprint 9-Week Program - $6000

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Custody Warriors Blueprint Program

The Custody Warriors Blueprint Program is different because we do more than just give you the information you need to succeed in your custody case.  We advise you along the way, addressing your unique situation within the family court system.

The quality of our course speaks for itself.

Modules include:



Your Ideal Custody Arrangement

Learn how to know your goal, which will influence your choices and behavior and make you look logical, reasonable, and thoughtful.

Figure out whether your co-parent is the problem or you are.

Make sure your kids are safe, and figure out what you want your settlement or parenting agreement to look like so they stay safe.



Create a solid mindset and properly deal with Anxiety

You don't know how much money you’ll need to spend on legal fees, court fees, and more.

You have no idea how the court system works and how you specifically should navigate it.

Your boss might not be so understanding about how often you need to take off work to meet with your lawyer, go to court appearances, and attend mediation meetings.

Your kids might be affected by all the anger and blaming your co-parent is throwing at you and the anxiety you are experiencing.



Your Concerns About Your Co-Parent

You will understand how to create a list of concerns you have about your co-parent--and theirs about you.  It is important to know what the court professionals are looking for and looking at, and how you need to present your evidence so that it clearly supports your concerns rather than appear as simply gripes.



Preparing Your Documentation

This is the module in which you will jump in to the heart of the matter, and understand how to gather documentation for your concerns and against their accusations, and collateral witnesses for your case.

You have the opportunity to put the "ball in your court," so to speak. Your co-parent is seeking whatever it is s/he wants, but you get to seek what you need and want just as much. This is where the real work starts.



Stop Creating Evidence Against Yourself

The focus of this module is to learn how to stop creating evidence for your co-parent to use against you. You will also learn how to correspond and communicate with your co-parent, and other child and court professionals, without making yourself look bad.


The Custody Evaluation

The Most Important Part of the Case

The forensics evaluation is the biggest deciding factor in how custody is awarded.  Learn how to prepare, what to do, what evidence to bring in, how to dress, what to say, and all else needed to succeed at this most crucial stage of your custody case.



Prepare for Your Settlement Conference

Know how to partner with your lawyer to win the settlement so you won't have to go into an expensive trial.


Winning Over the Court Professionals

How to Work with Folks like the Guardian ad Litem, Your Lawyer, Parenting Coordinators, and More

Be at your best with the professionals whose recommendations will decide your case. Show the Attorney for the Children what's really happening behind the charm, and partner with your lawyer to increase your chances of winning your case.


The Victorious Warrior

Bring it All Together

Understand how to finish your own Blueprint and use your new tools to show the court that you are a healthy parent who deserves to be able to protect your children and enable the custody arrangement you believe is best for your whole family.

52 Videos

15 Blueprint Tools

19 Blueprint Templates

24 Blueprint and DV Resource Sheets

9 Mindset Group Coaching Calls

9 Strategy Group Coaching Calls

Why search the internet for quick info or listen to brief coaching videos when you can get all you need to know in one place--and have help doing it?

"Tell me and I forget.  Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."  Ben Franklin was can gather as much information as you need, but if you don't know what to do with it then it was a waste of time and energy.

When you are going through one of the most important fights of your life, you can't just look up information and hope it's right and that it sticks, and magically know how to apply it to your own situation.

It's important to have the full picture, to be able to anticipate what's next, and to have an expert looking at your unique situation and what is going on with you.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." (Helen Keller)

With the Custody Warriors Blueprint, you have a coach and you have a community as well, so that your knowledge-gathering is a full experience.  

You will have information you can come back to as often as you need to, and you will have expertise, support, tools, templates, community, accountability, and what you need to win your custody case.

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our programs and the educational value they provide; however, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes or predict the court's decisions. Any success stories shared on our website and other platforms reflect our current success rate but are not every client’s experience. We advise against relying solely on such information as a promise or guarantee of your own success. Your individual results will depend on various factors beyond our control, including your personal circumstances, efforts, skills, and fulfilling the program on time. Operating within the realm of custody battles entails inherent risks, and any actions you take based on the information provided are at your own discretion and risk. Our content is provided without warranties. By continuing to engage with our offerings, you acknowledge that we cannot be held responsible for the decisions you make or the outcomes you experience. Any claims of actual results are available for verification upon request.